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Why should I volunteer?

Volunteers receive a higher percentage of their sales as well as exclusive access to our pre-sale! The pre-sale is a great way to avoid the crowd and get the best deals!

3 hours - earn 65% on your sales 

6 hours - earn 70% on your sales 

9+ hours - earn 75% on your sales



Can I volunteer my husband in my place?

Yes, we love husbands!We are always in need of men to help us during the set up and break down process, to help us load or unload cars or to move large merchandise.

Your husband can then happily fork over his volunteer pre-sale pass to you, his lovely wife. 


Do I have to be a consignor to volunteer?

No! Anyone is welcome to volunteer during the sale, however if you are not a consignor you must volunteer for shifts BEFORE the pre-sale to receive your pre-sale pass.


May I bring my children to my volunteer shift?

No. Please leave the kids at home when you come to fulfill your work obligation. We are unable to provide childcare and you will be unable to supervise your children well while working.

We have many volunteers that team up with a friend: One watches the kids while the other works a shift – and vice versa. Works out great and they each earn a pass so they can have fun shopping the pre-sale together!

Do you have volunteer shifts outside of the regular sale hours? 

Yes! We understand that not everyone is available during the set hours of the sale and we want to make sure all of our consignors have the opportunity to earn more on their sales.

Social Media Volunteer - This option starts 8 weeks prior to an event. Weekly you would post a link to Deja Vu Kids Facebook page to all your friends and in 10 "Mom" Facebook groups. Groups must be submitted to to us for approval prior to posting. Only people with social media experience. Please contact us to inquire about social media shifts - Counts as one (1) - 3 hour shift

Community Volunteer - This option starts 6 weeks prior to our fall sale. Place 20 posters/signs at approved sites (grocery store bulletin boards, intersections, community centres, daycare centres etc) Please contact us to inquire about community shifts - Counts as one (1) - 3 hour shift


What happens if I can't make it to my volunteer shift?

We count on our volunteers to make our sale a success. If you can not attend or complete your work shift – you must send a comparable worker in your place: a spouse, parent, friend, etc. We are counting on you to fill the position you have committed to.

If you have already shopped the pre-sale and do not show up to your volunteer shift your sale earnings will be reduced to 25% and you will forfeit your right to participate in future sales


How long are the shifts?

Volunteer shifts are 3 hours in length. You are welcome to sign up for as many shifts, however no more than 2 consecutive shifts and earnings max out at 3 shifts and 75%.


When should I arrive for my work shift?
Please arrive 10 minutes before your shift begins for a brief orientation. 


What should I bring with me to my work shift?
We do not recommend that you bring anything of value into the sale building. Bring only those things that you need and can carry with you: cell phone, keys, etc. We are unable to watch or secure your valuables.


Light refreshments are provided for you during your work shift. This is usually water, crackers, granola bars, etc. Please plan your regular meals for hours outside of your work shift. During actual sale hours, there will be a concession available. There are also a few vending machines with soda & snacks.


What should I wear to my work shift?
Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes, you will be on your feet! Volunteers working during actual sale hours will be asked to check in and wear a nametag. If you do not check in, your time will not be recognized. Setup and sale day are very busy and we simply do not have time to find every volunteer for every shift.


What kind of work will I be doing?

If you are working BEFORE the sale starts, you will likely be helping us organize or inspect items as the consignors bring them to the sale site or helping to set up tables and signage.
If you are working DURING the sale, you will likely be helping keep the sales area neat & organized and assisting customers or assisting cashiers.
If you are working AFTER the sale ends, you will likely be helping organize leftover items to be donated or to be picked up by consignors as well as tearing down tables and racks


Can I shop during my work shift?
While this is tempting, we ask that you do not shop while working. We can not hold items for you. We are counting on you to concentrate on your work duties during your scheduled work shift. You are welcome to shop before or after your work shift.


How do I sign up? 

If you are already registered as a consignor you can choose your volunteer shift on the left hand side of your log in page where it says "Volunteer". If you are not planning on consigning you will need to register as if you were a consignor and simply type "Volunteer Only" in the notes section. You will then choose your volunteer shift the same way. 



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