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Why should I consign my children's items with Deja Vu Kids?

Don't waste your valuable time selling your high quality items one by one at yard sales and on Kijiji and buy and sell groups. With Deja Vu Kids, you prepare all of your stuff for one HUGE weekend sale and you don't even have to be there! No more dealing with no shows and strangers haggling over prices!

While there are stores that will pay you on the spot for your children's items, they typically offer you very little (10-30% of the price they will get for your items) for good quality clothes and toys. Deja Vu will pay you up to 80% of the prices you set! 

With Deja Vu YOU set the prices, print your bar codes and tag your items from the comfort of your own home! We take care of the sale and bring hundreds (if not thousands) of shoppers specifically looking for children's items! 


Do I have to be at the sale to sell my items?

Not at all! You prepare and tag your stuff at home, drop it off and we'll take care of the sale! 


What kind of stuff can I consign? 

Nearly anything relating to babies and children! There are some specific items we do not accept including car seats and drop side cribs or any item that has been recalled by Health Canada. Please refer to items we accept


How do I know if an item has been ‘recalled’ by Health Canada?
We can not accept for sale any items that have been recalled by Health Canada. Seller’s are responsible for making sure their items are not on the recall list and/or are not considered unsafe.

You must check the Health Canada web site for info on the items you are bringing to the sale.


Will you take all of my stuff? 

We only take items in excellent shape! If you're clothing items have rips or tears, stains of any size, fading, broken zippers, missing buttons, excessive wear, pilling, wear at knee or hem of pants or jeans, cracked “iron-on” type pictures or graphics on shirts, smell of pets or smoke etc., we will not accept them into the sale. Toys must be in working order, include all pieces, include batteries if applicable (shoppers need to be able to test the toys!), clean, damage free.


Why are you so picky?

Our shoppers have very high expectations and come to our sale to purchase in-style, gently used items at reasonable prices. Before you tag it, consider if you would buy it.  Please don’t be offended if we turn away some of your items.  Keeping our quality level high is a good thing for the integrity of the sale as well as the buyers and sellers.  


Is there a minimum or maximum number of items I can sell? 

At this time there is no maximum on the number of items, however we do require a minimum of 15 items to participate in the sale. 


Is there a fee to consign my items? 

Yes. A $15 registration fee will be deducted from your cheque. This helps us to cover expenses such as the building rent, insurance and administrative costs. If you do not sell any items, the fee will be waived.


How much will I make? 

Consignors earn 65% of their sales, with the ability to earn up to 80% by volunteering at the sale! The actual amount you will earn is dependent on many factors; quantity, quality, price etc. We've had consignors earn as much as $1300!


Do I get to shop the pre-sale?

Yes! All consignors earn a pass to shop the pre-sale a half hour before the sale opens to the public. i.e. the sale starts at 10:30 am, you shop at 10:00 am. Volunteer and consign to get in even earlier, plus earn more on your sales! Half an hour earlier for each shift you work up to 2 hours before the sale opens to the public! Plus 5% more of your sales for each shift, up to 80%! 


How long will it take to tag my items? 

It depends on how organized you are and how many items you have! The best way to handle tagging is to START EARLY! You can register and get started as soon as a sale date is announced (usually MONTHS in advance). 


Where can I get tagging supplies?

The dollar store is a great place to get everything you'll need! Ziploc bags in all sizes, safety pins and clear packing tape can all be found at the dollar store for very reasonable prices! Hangers are often available free of charge at department stores like Walmart/Old Navy/Superstore (ask at the change rooms or cashier). Start collecting hangers early, as the sale date nears many other consignors will also be looking for hangers!

We do have some starter kits available with everything you will need to get going. Contact us at


Do I get my hangers back? 

At this time, all clothing items are sold with hangers, so we are unable to return hangers to consignors.  However, any unsold clothing that is not marked for donation will be returned on the hangers with which they were received. We often have extra hangers at the end of each sale which consignors are welcome to. 


Do I have to participate in the half off sale? 

Participation in the 50% off sale (typically the last hour of the sale) is completely optional, but HIGHLY recommended! It's better to receive 50% of your sale price than to miss out on the sale altogether. As much as 30% of our sales are during the discount time. Items that are reasonably priced typically sell before the final hour of the sale. If you have not marked your items as "donate" you will be responsible to come back on the last day of the sale to pick up your unsold items. 


How does the drop off process work?  

Drop-Off is 1 day prior to the start of the public sale. You can expect your drop off to be approximately 20-50 minutes depending on the drop off time you select and the number of items you have. Bring your items to check-in at the time you signed up for.

We then thoroughly inspect your all of your item to maintain the high quality our shoppers expect. After items are inspected you will place them on the sales floor in the appropriate section. You will receive your pass to the pre-sale during drop off.

If you have large furniture or heavy items please bring someone to assist you. Furniture will need to be assembled on the sales floor.

How will I know which of my items have sold? 

You can track the progress of your sales with your consignor log in. Sales are tracked in real time! So you can log in at any time during the sale to see which of your items have sold. 


What happens to my items that don't sell? 

It's up to you! You can choose to donate your unsold items to charities in your community while you are entering and tagging your items. Simply check the "donate" box on any items you wish to donate and our charitable partners will pick up all donations on the last day of the sale. If you choose not to donate your unsold items you will be responsible to return to the sale at your designated time to retrieve your items. Any unsold items that are not picked up by the deadline will be donated and a $20 no show fee will be charged to your account, no exceptions. Our volunteers spend hours sorting items to be returned to consignors, please be respectful of their time, if you do not wish to return to the sale to pick up your unsold items, please mark them as "donate".



What if I find that one of my items is missing?

We do our very best to keep tabs on every item that comes through our doors. We have volunteers checking bags and strollers at the exits as well as monitoring the sales floor.  However, we cannot be held responsible for items lost before, during, or after the sale.  The best defense against theft and loss is volunteers.  The more help we have on the floor, the less opportunity people have to steal. 


When do I get paid for my sold items?

We pay via cheque or e-transfer. Cheques for sold items will be mailed out to consignors one week after the sale ends! Make sure your address is current on your consignor profile! 

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