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Item Quality Guidelines:


  • Freshly laundered and of a current style

  • Free of any tears, extreme wear, pilling, etc. 

  • Neatly hung on hangers with the hanger hook looking like a ?.​

  • Old Navy, Walmart,dry cleaners etc give hangers away

  • Use 2-piece hangers for sets, dresses with diaper covers etc OR pin the top and bottom together. *See below*

Tagging tips:

  • tag on the right side seam of the item or on the label.

  • tagging anywhere else tends to leave holes and reduces the chance of the item being purchased.

  • TAGS MUST BE SECURELY ATTACHED: Tagging gun and barbs highly recommended. Safety pins are easily removed to swap tags on items by shoppers. 



Tagging tips:

  • ribbon, zip-ties: hole-punch tag 

  • ziploc bag: tape tag to outside of bag OR use a tagging gun to attach tag to the bag


  • gently used, clean, EUC

  • NO rips, tears to binding or pages, writing (except for dedications)


  • use ziploc bag or ribbon to securely bind together

Tagging tips:

  • NO packing or mailing tape; it damages items when removed

  • ribbon, rubber bands, ziploc bags. 


  • working condition (no scratches or chips)

  • Original case

Tagging tips:

  • Tag on the outside of the cover

  • Do NOT tape shut, our cashiers must be able to verify condition of the disc.


  • clean and working condition

  • all essential pieces must be there

  • noise, movement toys must have working batteries

Multiple Parts:

  • detachable pieces must in a ziploc bag taped shut and securely attached to the main piece

  • attach a list of all pieces in the bag

  • secure tag to the outside of the bag for easy checkout

Tagging tips:

  • zip tie the tag if possible

  • use painter's tape, NOT packing tape. This eliminates damage when the buyer removes the tape at home.

  • Do not tape over the bar code of the tag.

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