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Deja Vu is not a store location, but rather a huge consignment sales event! Our sales are held twice each year; Once in the fall/winter and again in the spring/summer. 
We offer a great new way for central Alberta families to sell their children's items and make some extra money. 
Deja Vu Kids is owned and operated by a stay at home mom to two young children. She took over the company when it grew too big for the founder and can't wait to help all her fellow moms to sell their children's items quickly and efficiently with maximum profit staying in the pocket of the consignors.
Traditional consignment stores offer you very little for your children's items (10% to 20%), and selling items one by one to strangers on buy and sell groups can be a nightmare. 
So Deja Vu Kids Consignment Sales was born! With Deja Vu Kids, YOU set the price on your items from the comfort of your own home, WE sell them over a one or 2 day sale and you get paid! You can even watch your sales online in real time! Consignors earn 60% of their sales with the ability to earn up to 80% by volunteering during the sale. 
Register to consign at our next sale! You'd be surprised how much money you actually have hiding in your closets.

1. Register 

To sell your gently used children's items.

2. Price and Prep your items 

Using our online software you can prep your items from the comfort of your own home. You choose the price, print the custom bar code tags and attach them to your items.

3. Drop Off

Drop your items off the day before the event at the time of your choosing and head home. You do not have to stay during the sale! 

4. Payment

Get paid! Payment is issued via cheque by mail to consignors 7 days after each event. Consignors earn 60% or sales and up to 75% by volunteering at the sale. 

Visit our seller FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions

Too busy to price and prep your items? We have you covered with our concierge service! 

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