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If your item can not bring $1.50 in on its own, please pair it with something that matches so it will bring it to $2.00. Example: Group a T-shirt with pants or three T-shirts together, 4 small toys, etc. All prices must be in $0.50 increments, NO .99 cents. Do not cross out a price if you change your mind. You must remake the entire tag. Deja Vu cannot sell any item if the price has been crossed off and changed. This is for everyone’s protection.



We suggest that you price your items at 20-30% of the original price. 50% the original price for new to brand new items. Do not lose sales because you overprice. Always ask yourself…would I buy it and what would I pay for it? You have spent a lot of time preparing, entering and tagging your items. The goal is that you have no items left over after our sale to take home or to donate. YOU set the price of your merchandise. Keep in mind that shoppers are looking for good deals and fair prices. Base your price on the condition, quality, and brand of your item.


As a general rule:



Brand NEW items with tags and items with original boxes/instructions/warranties

HOT in demand brands and toys

Large toys like kitchen sets and play houses

Dressy items or seasonal dressup/snowsuits

Rare and hard to find items



Infant clothing - Size 0-2 has a lot of items, price to sell!

Baby Gear - rattlers, bottles, blankets

LineN -baby bedding sets

Older toys DVDS/BLURAY

Single Books (Bundles sell for more)

Shoes, socks and hats


For a sample price list click here *This is a guideline only, YOU set your prices and are under no obligation to follow the sample price list




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