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Deja Vu is a high quality resale event. Think upscale not garage sale! All items must be current, in-style, freshly washed and in excellent condition. All items go through an inspection process before they are placed on the sales floor. Anything with rips, stains, visible signs of wear, missing buttons or snaps, broken zippers, smells of any kind, pet hair or items dirty in any way will not pass inspection and will be removed from the sales floor. Before you spend time preparing your items ask yourself, would I buy this?

Items we do NOT accept- Drop side cribs, car seats, booster seats, car seat bases, undergarments (unless brand new in packaging), pacifiers and teething toys (unless brand new in packaging), sippy cups and plastic bottles (unless CLEARLY labelled BPA free), breast pumps, nursing bras, helmets of any kind, jock straps, bath rings, anything that has been recalled by Health Canada, anything that is missing pieces, missing batteries (when applicable), stained, smelly, broken or otherwise not in good condition.

Books - Children's books, baby soft and carboard books, Pre-teen and teen books and series, Pregnancy and Parenting books. All books must be in good condition and free of tears, missing pages or writing


Clothing - Newborn to size 14. We receive a high volume of infant to size 2 clothing so be sure to price your items to sell! Brand names (Gap, Guess, Osh Kosh, Calvin Klein, Mexx etc) will sell better than low end brands (George, Cherokee, Joe etc.) No undergarments unless they are new in original packaging.


Clothing size 10-14 - No bargain brands! (George, Joe, Cherokee etc) Tweens are picky! Brand names will sell much better (Guess, Esprit, Quicksilver, Roxy, La Senza Girl, DC, Adidas, Nike, Billabong, Diesel, Hollister, Hurley, Ambercrombie, Gap, Converse, Etnies, Oakley, RVCA, etc.) 


Footwear - Infant to youth size 6 - Boots, running shoes, rubber boots, sandals, booties, dressy shoes, dance shoes (tap, jazz, ballet etc). We only accept VERY gently used footwear. We will be very particular when inspecting footwear. Footwear with ANY sign of wear (scuffs, worn soles, dirty etc.) will not be accepted. They don't have to be new but they do have to LOOK new. 


Baby Items - Bassinets, cribs* (no more than 2 years old), strollers exersaucers, jolly jumpers, carriers, diaper bags, pack n plays, bumbo, change tables*, diaper pails, pottys, bath tubs, baby gates, high chairs, guard rails, changing pads, baby monitors, play mats *cribs and change tables must be brought in assembled  or assembled on the sales floor, disassembled furniture does not sell


Nursery/Children's Rooms - Bedding (full sets only), lamps, artwork, unused wall decals, mobiles, storage bins/racks, throw pillows, table and chair sets. Children's decor items only.


Outdoor toys - Play structures, picnic tables, table and chair sets, playhouses, tricycles, bicycles, scooters, sand boxes, hard plastic pools, wagons etc. Most outdoor toys will be accepted! As with all of our items, they must be clean and in excellent conditon, no dents, stains, discoloration etc. 


Toys! - We love toys! Barbies, dolls, dress up clothes, doll houses, Board games, Lego, action figures, cars, trucks, trains and tracks, train tables, RC cars, tool benches, kitchen sets, ride on toys, infant play mats, toy pets, Little people, blocks, kids electronics (leap pad, V-tech, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox, Playstation etc.), wagons, art easels, wooden puzzles etc. Big toys, small toys, any kind of toy! If you have toys in excellent condition we will likely take them!

*All toys that require batteries must have batteries installed. Our shoppers like to test the toys! 


Children's Sports equipment - Hockey equipment  including, neck guards, chest protectors, shin, shoulder and elbow pads, goalie equipment, hockey sticks, hockey pants, hockey bags, hockey/figure skates , soccer cleats, dance and cheer gear, baseball gloves, bats, badminton/tennis raquets, snowboards, skis, ski/snowboard boots, golf clubs, golf bags, basketball hoops, rollerblades, bikes, skateboards, scooters etc. 

**All sports equipment must be in excellent condition and CSA approved (when applicable), smelly, worn, outdated items will not be accepted. 


Maternity Clothes/Nursing items - Maternity clothes MUST be current and in-style. Maternity clothes that are more than 1 year old do not sell. Nursing pillows, covers. 


Back Packs/Bags- School back packs, toddler back packs, kids luggage, kids duffel bags, hockey bags, gym/sport bags


Halloween Costumes - Infant to size 12 - If costume has accessories be sure to include them and securely fasten them to the costume



**All items must be less than 3 years old, CLEAN, damage free, include all pieces/accessories/batteries and in working order.

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