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  1. You will make more profit selling with Deja Vu Kids than you would at a traditional "drop & go" second hand shop.

  2. No more dealing with no shows or flaky people from Kijiji and Buy/Sell/Trade groups.

  3. Consignors get access to our pre-sale. Shop first, find the best deals, and avoid the crowds.

  4. You are helping other families within your own community to afford items they may not be able to purchase new.

  5. Earn some extra cash for the things your children actually need or that spa day you've been longing for!

  6. Its easy! Spend less time pricing and tagging for our sale than prepping for a garage sale!

  7. Meet some fun new people when you sell and volunteer at our sales. Most of us are parents who live and work in this community and its fun to get out and meet new people we can relate to.

  8. All items that are unsold and marked for donation at the end of the sale will go to help some great charities in our community.

  9. Tag items at your convenience, after the kids go to bed, or while catching up on TV.

  10. You don't have to stay during the sale to sell your items! We take care of the sale.

Still not sure if you should consign? Have questions about how to get started? Contact us today!


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