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We know what you're thinking, why on earth should I volunteer?! 

1. If you want to save money, you should volunteer. Volunteers shop the day before the public and get first pick of the merchandise. i.e. There may be several identical strollers. One for $100, one for $90 and one for $25. By volunteering, you get your pick of the one that you want and have the opportunity to save significantly by having more choice.

2. If you're a consignor you receive a higher percentage of your sales.


3. It's fun! No really, it is! It's a great way to get out of the house and meet other local parents and make some new friends. 

First pick of the merchandise, fun and more money...why not volunteer?! 

Volunteers earn up to 20% more on their consigned items and are given access to our exclusive pre-sale event before anyone else! A great way to get a jump on the best deals and avoid the crowds. Volunteer shifts are all 3 hours in length and no experience is necessary. 

3 hours - earn 65% on your sales  - Shop the pre-sale at 9:30am

6 hours - earn 70% on your sales  - Shop the pre-sale at 9:00am

9+ hours - earn 75% on your sales  - Shop the pre-sale at 8:30am


Consignors who don't volunteer earn 60% of their sales and shop the pre-sale at  10:00am

Volunteer spaces fill up quickly, so grab a friend and register early! Anyone can volunteer, you do not have to be a consignor to volunteer! However if you are not consigning you must volunteer BEFORE the pre-sale. 


Volunteer shifts include, sales floor set-up and tear down, item drop off and inspections, assisting customers (carrying out to cars etc.), keeping the sales floor organized (returning items to the proper location, tidying displays), assisting cashiers. 

We also have options for parents who might not be able to volunteer during the time frame that our sale takes place. Please contact us at to inquire about our social media and community volunteer shifts:

Social Media Volunteer - This option starts 8 weeks before the sale date. You would post a link to our facebook event page weekly to share with your friends, as well as 10 "mom" facebook groups. This counts as one (1) 3 hour volunteer shift

Community Volunteer - This option starts 6 weeks before the sale date and requires that you place 20 signs/posters at approved sites in your community. 



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